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Our English curriculum encompasses handwriting, speaking and listening, spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as writing and reading.

In handwriting, our children are taught the Kinetic letters style from entry into reception, which encourages a strong joined fluent style as they progress through Key Stage 1 and into Year 3.

Reading and spelling skills are underpinned by strong phonetic knowledge and our school uses the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. You can find out more information on the GOV.UK website, ‘Teaching phonics information for schools’.

Reading fluency and comprehension skills are developed through taught lessons and encouraging regular reading and sharing of books at both home and school. Daily reading practice is an essential part of our homework policy.

For writing, we follow the Talk for Writing (T4W) programme developed by Pie Corbett. This encourages children to learn a number of story structures and genres each year and they use these to innovate and develop their own ideas. The features of grammar and punctuation, as outlined in the national curriculum, are explicitly taught and children learn to edit and improve their own work, an essential skill in developing high quality written communication.

For spelling, we use a structured scheme called No-Nonsense Spelling and children also learn the words outlined for each age group in the National Curriculum including  common exception words.

All English skills are developed not just in ‘English’ lessons but across the wider curriculum and to develop speaking and listening skills children are actively encouraged to share their ideas and listen to others through discussion, questioning and debate across a range of other subjects as well as though opportunities for performance, drama , music and collective worship.

Our School Aims

To understand that each child is unique- a gift from God.
To provide a caring, compassionate and inclusive community, our ‘school family’, where everyone is valued and safe.
To celebrate our Christian values and share faith, love and forgiveness as seen in Jesus Christ.
To provide high quality teaching and learning that promotes outstanding achievement.
To provide an innovative and inspiring curriculum which encourages each child to reach their full potential.
To promote excellence through collaborative work with our families, the Church and wider community.

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