REQM Gold Award

Our Staff

Leadership Team




Additional Roles

Mrs C Dunstan


Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mrs K Cumberpatch

Deputy Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Leader, Inclusion

Mrs K Davies

Phase 1 Teaching and Learning Leader

Phonics & PSHE                1 St Claire

Mrs E Paterson

Phase 2 Teaching and Learning Leader


 Maternity leave

Mrs M Rathe

Phase 3 Teaching and Learning Leader (4 days)

Maths                             6 St Catherine

Mrs R Coe

Phase 3 Teaching and Learning Leader (1 day)

PE & secondary transition 5 St Cecilia  



Office Team


Mrs C Eccles

School Business Manager

Mrs S Hill

Office Manager

Mrs L Pyne


Mrs N Jeffs

Clerical Assistant

Mr K Thompson

Site Supervisor



Teaching Staff


Mrs N Goodridge

Reception St Francis 

Design & Technology

Miss D Campbell

Reception St Mary         


Mrs S Westgarth

1 St Nicholas                  

French & Residentials

Miss S Phillips

2 St Crispin                    

Art & Display

Miss K Khatun

2 St Helena


Miss K Lennon

3 St Charles

Maternity leave

Miss F Read

3 St Charles                 


Miss E Long

3 St Hildegard              


Mrs D Isherwood

3 St Hildegard


Mrs K Campbell

4 St Martha                  


Mr J Reid

4 St Cuthbert               


Mrs K Erskine

5 St Cecilia


Mrs J Pickard

5 St Paul


Mrs L Morrison

6 St Peter                       


Miss C Folland

6 St Catherine


Mrs S Hynes

Music Specialist            

Music Lead

Mr J Bonsor

Music Specialist            




Teaching Assistants


Mrs E Coy

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Ms A Kornacka

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Billingham

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Cooper

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Crook

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Page

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Gibson

Year 4 Teaching Assistant 1:1

Mrs C Smith

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Dijkhuizen

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Miss H Dimmock

Year 6 Teaching Assistant         Library

Mrs S Harfield

Whole School Intervention Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Dickens

Whole school Inclusion Teaching Assistant

Miss L Fransch

Whole school Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Pankewycz

Whole school Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss N Jones

One to One Teaching Assistant



Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs D Page

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Cooper

The Zone Lead

Miss H Dimmock

The Zone Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Dijkhuizen

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Foster

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Gibson

Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms A Kornacka

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss S Spicer

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr D Spicer

Lunchtime Supervisor

Our School Aims

To understand that each child is unique- a gift from God.
To provide a caring, compassionate and inclusive community, our ‘school family’, where everyone is valued and safe.
To celebrate our Christian values and share faith, love and forgiveness as seen in Jesus Christ.
To provide high quality teaching and learning that promotes outstanding achievement.
To provide an innovative and inspiring curriculum which encourages each child to reach their full potential.
To promote excellence through collaborative work with our families, the Church and wider community.

Coming Soon

30 May
Summer Half Term
Date Monday, Mon-05-22 8:30 am - Friday, Fri-06-22 4:00 pm
6 Jun
Bank Holiday - Platinum Jubilee
Monday, Mon-06-22 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
22 Jul
School Closes for Summer Holiday
Friday, Fri-07-22 3:30 pm - Wednesday, Wed-08-22 3:30 pm

Contact Us

All Saints CofE VA Primary School
Boughton Green Road
Tel: 01604 715658